Family is the most important thing in the world, and staying close to your loved ones is essential. When one person comes to the United States as an immigrant, they often want to bring their loved ones along. Another common situation is when a US citizen falls in love with someone in another country. This can happen while on military service, on vacation, or even through online dating. Regardless of the reasoning, bringing loved ones into the country will require an approved family visa. We will work with you to identify the correct visa type for your situation and get everything processed as quickly as possible.

Uniting Families And Loved Ones Through Family Immigration

Family immigration procedures allow United States citizens and lawful permanent residents to bring family members to the United States. In some situations, this involves an immigrant who has been granted permanent residency applying to bring their spouse, children, or other family members to the United States. In other situations, it involves a United States citizen bringing their foreign spouse, fiancé/fiancée, or parent to the country. Sponsors must meet certain requirements to bring their loved ones to the United States.

Adjustment of Status

For many of the millions of people who come to the United States on a work, student, or tourist visa or other temporary types of visa, the desire to remain in the country is very strong. When this is the case, you will need to petition for adjustment of status. This process will facilitate you moving from a temporary visa of some type to a permanent green card, and if desired, full citizenship. Unfortunately, this process isn’t as straightforward as many people would like. Our team can help you through this process and work to ensure you are able to remain in the United States while waiting for the adjustment of status to go through.

We know how important family is to you, and our extensive knowledge of family immigration law gives us the skills we need to bring you and your family together. Learn more about your visa and green card options now—contact us to set up an appointment.


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