Immigration & Criminal Defense

Solutions That Meet Your Immigration and Criminal Defense Needs

Running into trouble with law enforcement is an overwhelming prospect for anyone, but the consequences are far more severe for immigrants. In addition to fines and jail time, immigrants are at risk of detention and deportation if arrested and/or convicted of a crime. If you or someone you love is being detained—either for immigration-related issues or criminal charges—we can help.

Immigration Detention

Once someone has been detained, whether because of a criminal arrest or conviction or simply because they are undocumented, there is imminent pressure to find legal solutions and get them released. Our team will work quickly to try to set bond, get your loved one released, and help them explore their options.

Immigration Bond

When an immigrant is being detained, the court may only allow their release if someone is willing to post bond for them. Our team will advocate on your behalf to have a reasonable bond set and get your loved one released to you.

Deportation Defense

For many immigrants, deportation is the single greatest threat they face. Don’t lose hope—often there are solutions!  If you have been threatened with deportation, there are several defenses we can explore to keep you in the United States.

Humanitarian Defenses

The U.S. immigration system has a number of defenses for those who face persecution, abuse, or other threats in their home country.  If you are in the midst of removal proceedings, we can help you delve into humanitarian defenses that may allow you to remain in the country.