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Few things are as complicated or as confusing as trying to immigrate to the United States. Whether you need help with getting a green card, overcoming issues related to your current immigration status, getting a loved one out of immigration detention, or helping a loved one come to the country legally, we are here for you.  Magdalena entered the United States as a refugee herself and has had several family members who had to turn themself at the US-Mexico border to seek asylum. Magdalena has had to work through this system for herself and her family, which has given her a passion for helping others who are going through a similar situation. Whether you are just starting this process or you have been working unsuccessfully with another attorney, we are here for you.

This page outlines many of the different ways we can help. 

Determining Immigration Status

No matter how long you’ve been in the United States or how much immigration paperwork you’ve filled out, the entire process can be confusing. Many people don’t fully understand their immigration status, its limits, and what they must do to maintain it. This puts them at risk of being removed from the country and separated from loved ones. When you meet with our team, we can look at your immigration file and paperwork to help you understand your immigration status and what you can do with it.

Business Immigration

Business immigration is an example of how the immigration process can benefit both the United States as a whole and those who come here for new opportunities. Through business immigration programs, U.S.-based and international companies with U.S. branches can hire international applicants for jobs that cannot be filled by U.S. nationals. This type of immigration typically requires a specific skill set and job opportunity. We’ll look over your job offer and help you get the correct paperwork filed, or if you want to hire internationally, we will help you begin the process on behalf of your employee.

Family Immigration

Family is the most important thing in the world, and staying close to your loved ones is essential. When one person comes to the United States as an immigrant, they often want to bring their loved ones along. Another common situation is when a US citizen falls in love with someone in another country. This can happen while on military service, on vacation, or even through online dating. Regardless of the reasoning, bringing loved ones into the country will require an approved family visa. We will work with you to identify the correct visa type for your situation and get everything processed as quickly as possible.

Visas for Crime Victims

Many people who want to immigrate to the United States, or want to remain in the United States, who have been victims of crimes, may be eligible to do so through laws that protect crime victims.  If you have been a victim of a crime or a victim of human trafficking, we may be able to help you obtain legal status in the United States. Work with us to secure your crime victim visa, employment authorization, and legal resident status in the United States.

Immigration & Criminal Defense

Immigrants who find themselves in the criminal justice system have many concerns they need addressed—not only are they facing the possibility of criminal charges and penalties, those criminal charges could also lead to deportation and permanent banishment. It is essential that those who have been accused of crimes work with an immigration attorney who can help them avoid deportation. Our goal is to help minimize the severity of your charges and ensure that you can stay in the United States.


Through the naturalization process, a foreign national can become a U.S. citizen and enjoy the full rights and freedoms bestowed upon those born in the country. To qualify, an individual must meet the specific requirements of the Immigration and Nationality Act. If you’re ready to make your mark as a U.S. citizen, we will assist you throughout the naturalization process.


If you are in danger in your home country, whether due to a political situation, religious reasons, ethinic conflict, sexual orientation, membership in a particular social group, or any number of other reasons, you may have the right to come to the United States and apply for asylum. If you are already in the country (either legally or illegally), you can also request asylum to ensure you are able to remain here without any problems. Whenever petitioning for asylum, it is important to ensure everything is handled correctly to avoid any type of legal problems that could put your status in jeopardy.  

Immigration Delay

Slowdowns in the United States immigration system often leave individuals with minimal options as they wait for their case to reach immigration court. Your case could be delayed due to background checks, administrative delays, or unexplained delays. If your wait exceeds federally-set limits, you can compel USCIS to make a final decision in a timely manner. If you’ve been waiting long enough, we will help you get the answers you need.

Income Requirements for Sponsors

Family-based immigration requires that immigrants have enough support from family to minimize the need for governmental support. As a result, the government imposes strict income requirements on those sponsoring a family member during the immigration process. When you work with us, we will verify that you meet all sponsorship requirements and are fully prepared for the responsibility involved.

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We are passionate about helping current and potential immigrants to the United States. Magdalena Cuprys came to the United States as a refugee herself, which has given her a very personal passion for helping immigrants. Please contact us to discuss any type of immigration issue with which you need assistance.