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I would recommend Serving Immigrants without reservation. Magdalena and her staff are extremely knowledgeable and professional. They care about their clients and their families.

Daniel Funes

I highly recommend Magdalena and her amazing team, as they are experienced, committed, and extremely passionate about their work!

Connie Kaplan

Magdalena is an amazing lawyer, she’s not only great at her job, but she’s an amazing person and friend. She connects with her clients and helps them as much as she can, she gives all of her on every case to help everyone. I recommend her 100%!!!!

Jordana Arauz

I wanted to follow up on this and share some good news—my client had previously been granted withholding by Mazzie, but denied asylum on the basis that DACA did not provide an exception to the filing deadline; DHS appealed the withholding and I requested remand to reconsider asylum based on your case. BIA just denied DHS’s appeal and ordered remand to reconsider the asylum filing deadline. Thank you so much! My client and I are incredibly grateful for your work opening the door for this argument and for providing the decisions.


Magdalena is the most competent immigration lawyer that I spoke to. She was straight to the point with all the information we were lacking. She helped my husband and me and was there for us in the hardest moment. I strongly recommend this woman because she will do all she can to help.

Lady in Red

When I called Magdalena’s attorneys I was already in a really bad situation with my case and was most likely facing deportation they were ready to take my case without hesitation then she changed the bad situation I was in over into favoring on my side convincing them to give me freedom and to adjust my status at the same time very professional and comment to what she does I highly recommend her for both immigration and criminal cases also very good service from their paralegals who visit and checked up on often how everything’s been going Magdalena Cuprys Attorneys at Law did all and more for my immigration case.

Harvey Handyman

I went to see Magdalena for a friend who told me that she has won the case with her. She helped me a lot that I have a child syndrome down. She as an immigration attorney is wonderful. Thanks for everything.

Micaela Cotamateo