Sadly, some visas are not given due to merit in certain fields. As a result, there are visas that are given to individuals who have suffered at the hands of others. For instance, victims of human trafficking can apply for a T Visa. The purpose of a T Visa is to help those who are or were recruited, transported, or harbored for the intent of prostitution, sexual exploitation, or forced labor. If you are a victim of trafficking, it is imperative to talk to a trafficking victims’ visa attorney about your specific matter. At Serving Immigrants, attorney Cuprys has assisted victims of trafficking find justice out of an unfortunate situation. It is crucial to talk to a trafficking victims’ visa attorney who comprehends the law and who is readily available to assist you.

If approved for a T Visa, you attain nonimmigrant status in the United States for four years along with employment authorization. Further, certain family members can acquire status as well. To learn more about the benefits and eligibility requirements of a T Visa, a trafficking victims’ visa attorney should be sought.

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