Why Do More Colombians See The United States As Their Best Destination?

  • By: Serving Immigrants
  • Published: June 30, 2022

After the electoral victory of Gustavo Petro, candidate of the Colombian leftist movements, many neo-Granadians began to ask questions about their future. In part, due to the uncertainty of what will be the destiny of the nation that has been governed by the rightist in its previous presidential terms. The big question is, what will happen with the social or political destiny of everyone, and more importantly for some, the economic destiny and guarantees for investors in the coffee lands.

Looking for new horizons is now more than a tempting opportunity for many people. Families, workers, students and business people are beginning to value the opportunity to look for a country with economic stability, and the United States is always at the top of the list of those possibilities.

The ‘land of opportunity’ has been the destination of choice for Latin American families and investors in recent decades. Jobs opportunities, stability and growth opportunities have led thousands of immigrants to make the move to the north. But taking that step requires planning, and more important, legal advice to do it in the best way.

U.S. immigration laws extend a wide variety of opportunities to immigrants. Work visas, investor visas, study visas or visas for people with extraordinary talents (artists, athletes, scientists), which many people have taken advantage of to enter the country through the front door.

In the case of Colombians, and because they can see the experienced history lived in the last two decades by Venezuelans, makes them fear of repeating the neighboring history, leading them to take precautions that are focused on protecting their money and providing peace of mind and stability to their family.

Many people are unaware that they may qualify for some of the immigration benefits to enter the United States, and that is why an immigration attorney will be help to clarify their real chances of the goal of migrating legally.

Magdalena Cuprys, Esq.

As an immigrant and a refugee herself, attorney Magdalena Cuprys understands how
important, terrifying, and exciting immigrating to America can be. She understands
how important it is to have one’s legal status in order to achieve the American dream.

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