Approval Rate for P Visas Significantly Decreases Under Trump

Under the Trump administration, it is becoming more difficult for foreign-born athletes who want to work or live in the United States. These athletes are among the thousands of prospective immigrants who claim that they have exceptional levels of achievement. They face the hurdle of the administration’s efforts to more tightly control immigration. P Visas P visas allow athletes and artists to live and work in the Read More

Differences Between an E-2 Visa and an EB-5 Green Card for Investors

Foreign investors have different options when it comes to moving to the United States. Among the best ways are E-2 visas and EB-5 green cards. Each of these avenues have different requirements and your choice will depend on your individual situation. E-2 Visa Requirements In order to be eligible for an E-2 visa you must be from one of the treaty countries. You must invest substantial funds, generally around Read More

O-1 Visas are Underutilized

For years, businesses have focused on using the H1-B visa in order to get highly talented employees to the United States. However, since early 2017, obtaining work authorization as a highly-skilled employee has become more difficult. Over recent years there have been significant delays and an increase in denials. Applicants must also overcome the hurdle of being selected in the lottery for visas. In the wake of Read More

P Visas for Coaches and Trainers

When an athlete is granted a P visa to come to the United States to compete, they frequently require the services of their coach or trainers. It can be essential to an athlete’s performance to have these individuals accompany them. Support Personnel A trainer or coach may be able to obtain a P1-S visa if they are considered essential support personnel. Individuals who may be considered essential support personnel Read More

L-1 Visas When Opening a New Office

If you are a foreign company looking to open a new office in the United States, then an L-1 visa can be a very useful tool. L-1 visas can help you bring over the necessary managers, executives, and employees with specialized knowledge that you need to successfully open a new office. New Office Requirements A new office means an organization that has been doing business in the United States through a parent, Read More

Reasons for a P Visa Denial

P visas are a temporary nonimmigrant employment visa that is granted to foreign athletes and entertainers. It is also available for spouses and children and support personnel. P visas are a useful tool for athletes and entertainers who want to play or perform in the United States.However, even if you are an athlete or an entertainer, a P visa is not guaranteed. There are some common reasons for a P visa Read More

Evidence to Prove Your VAWA Green Card Case

When you file an application for residency in the United States under the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA), you must provide evidence establishing that you meet the eligibility requirements. There are a number of different types of evidence that can help your application. Personal Declaration You must submit a detailed declaration describing your relationship with the abuser. You must also include other details Read More

Becoming a Citizen Through Investment

There are many ways to become a citizen or obtain a green card in the United States. One of these ways is to invest money in U.S. projects. The EB-5 program allows immigrants who invest $500,000 or more in U.S. projects to obtain green cards as long as these investments created ten or more jobs. This has become a very popular program in recent years and has resulted in millions of dollars of investment in the United Read More

O Visas for Spouses

An O-1 visa is available for those individuals who have extraordinary ability and have demonstrated excellence in their field. Individuals who qualify for O-1 visas can come to the United States with their spouses and children. Spouses and children are issued O-3 visas. Eligibility for O-3 Visas In order to qualify for an O-3 visa, one must prove that they are the spouse of an O-1 visa holder and must provide Read More

Should I Bring an Attorney to My Immigration Interview?

In some visa and green card applications, an in-person interview with a USCIS adjudicator is a required step in the process. An applicant is allowed to bring an attorney to this interview. A frequent question that is asked by applicants is whether or not they should bring an attorney to their immigration interview. There are some important reasons why it might be a wise idea to bring an attorney. Help Explaining Read More