No matter how long you’ve been in the United States or how much immigration paperwork you’ve filled out, the entire process can be confusing. Many people don’t fully understand their immigration status, its limits, and what they must do to maintain it. This puts them at risk of being removed from the country and separated from loved ones. When you meet with our team, we can look at your immigration file and paperwork to help you understand your immigration status and what you can do with it.

Figuring Out Your Immigration Status And What It Means For You

The complexities of the immigration process leave many individuals unsure of where they fit in the system and what their rights are. It’s important to understand what your visa or green card allows and doesn’t allow you to do. Operating outside the terms of your status—even unintentionally—can be grounds for removal and prevent you from entering the United States again.

There are several different terms utilized by USCIS to specify an individual’s status in the United States.

Those who enter the United States can be known as EWI’s (entrants without inspection), visa entrants, overstays, permanent residents, green card holders, lawful permanent residents, and resident aliens. Knowing your immigration status can help you when applying for driver licenses or state identification cards, jobs, filling out school applications, getting a bank account, or trying to get a loan.

If your immigration status is unclear to you, make it a priority to talk to an immigration lawyer today. Contact Serving Immigrants, Inc. now to schedule an appointment.

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