Avoid Deportation With A Defensive Asylum Application

If you have received a notice that the government is starting removal proceedings against you in immigration court, you no longer have the option to apply for affirmative asylum. You must try to prevent deportation with defensive asylum or any and all other forms of relief for which you may be eligible. You may be referred to immigration court if your affirmative asylum application is denied, or you may begin defensive asylum proceedings if you were apprehended at a port of entry or caught by Customs and Border Protection or “CBP.”

Defensive asylum cases follow court-like procedures and are adversarial in nature. The judge will either determine that you are eligible for asylum or find that you are ineligible for asylum. If you are ineligible, you may look for other ways to prevent removal; if none are available, you will be removed from the United States.

Due to the adversarial nature of defensive asylum proceedings, it is essential to have an immigration attorney advocating for you. Turn to the team at Serving Immigrants, Inc. — we are dedicated to helping you in any way possible.

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