Form I-9 For Employment Verification

Employers must get a completed I-9 form from each employee they hire, whether or not the employee is an immigrant. The form requires the new hire to attest to their employment authorization. It is the employer’s responsibility to verify the employee’s eligibility via supporting documents and identification. This form must be signed and completed no later than the employee’s first date of employment.

Under United States immigration law, employers are required to take certain steps to identify employees’ identities and work authorizations. If an employer fails to verify an employee’s identity or intentionally hires someone who is not authorized to work in the United States, they may be subject to certain penalties. Penalties include civil fines, criminal penalties, and debarment from government contracts.

Implementing identity and employment eligibility verification procedures can help employers avoid costly penalties. Get help meeting I-9 standards by contacting Serving Immigrants, Inc. —we will help you streamline your hiring procedures and meet all federal requirements.

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