Chelsea Bland – Business Manager

Chelsea Bland – Business ManagerChelsea Bland was born in Boston, Massachusetts. She attended school at Universidad of the Valley of Mexico in Mexico City, where she majored in hospitality. Chelsea is bilingual in Spanish and English. She is especially passionate about keeping our clients’ needs met and specializes in client relations, having been in the field for the past six (6) years.

Her expertise in the area allows her to be able to answer any and all clients’ questions and help them through each step of the process. She has worked as the concierge and guest relations in hotels such as the Four Seasons, Hilton, and Nikko.

Chelsea loves taking care of our clients and her enthusiasm is noted whether she is taking care of the client over the phone or in person.

Frendys DaCosta – Legal Assistant and Data Entry Specialist

Frendys DaCosta – Legal Assistant and Data Entry Specialist

Frendys was born in Zulia Venezuela in the City of Cabimas. She has a degree in Publicity and Public Relations. She graduated from the Private University Rafael Belloso Chacin and was on the special events committee. She would organize the promotional and publicity campaigns for the university. After graduation, she moved to the United States with her husband, who was a client of Serving Immigrants Inc.

Frendys current works as a legal assistant and data entry specialist at Serving Immigrants, Inc., where she is responsible for helping the team maintain all documents organized in our case management system in a clear and organized fashion and is assisting the firm go fully electronic by 2020.

Ana Flores – Billing Specialist

Ana Flores - Billing Specialist
Born and raised in Venezuela she attended school at the Central Western University “Lisandro Alvarado” where she acquired her degree in Accounting. When she was 26, due to the political issues in Venezuela, she migrated to the USA where she started working in immigration field helping others in similar situations.

Ana believes no one should have to be afraid for their lives and with that perspective she is empathetic to each client’s need.

Adriana Flores – Director Of First Impressions

Adriana Flores – Director Of First Impressions
Born in Venezuela, she attended the Yacambú Private University, where she obtained her degree as a Bachelor of Psychology in 2017.

Adriana Flores likes being able to listen to each case of our clients and help them feel satisfied and part of this great family that is Serving Immigrants.

She is currently responsible for being attentive to the needs of each person and helps the team to keep all incoming and outgoing documents organized in our case management system.

David Mendez – Client Advocate

David Mendez, Client Intake Specialist

David was born in one of the oldest Cuban European settlements, Sancti Spíritus. When he was 15 years old, he moved to Seattle, WA, where he discovered his passion for helping people and committed to providing exceptional customer service and client support. David believes every voice counts, and he is here to listen. He graduated from Central Washington University where he studied Psychology and Criminal Justice. David has been part of Serving Immigrants since 2012 where he has assisted clients with their legal services and has proved his passion for listening and supporting clients’ legal needs.

Yoser Michel Quintero – Director Of Virtual Operations

Adriana FloresBorn in Portuguese – Venezuela. He currently lives in Buenos Aires – Argentina and is currently studying to be a Mechanical Engineer. He has experience in industrial projects, automation and design.

In his free time, he helps raise funds and plans with a group of collaborators projects for people who do not have a home to live in. He has a good communication and teamwork skills; he works in the area of customer service.

Yoser is committed to helping achieve each customer’s goals by providing the best support throughout the process. He takes his job very seriously because he understands that positive results are very important to the clients not only to achieve their personal and professional goals, but also to achieve a general state of well-being.

Carlos Contreras – Client Advocate

Carlos ContrerasCarlos Contreras is a petroleum engineering graduate from the University of Zulia. For 7 years, he was a fund-raiser and volunteer at the foundation “Manos Unidas” in Venezuela, where he said, “helping others is a privilege and makes him the happiest”.

Since 2017, he has lived in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He is an immigration advisor, working with immigrants of all nationality; offering them personalized assistance throughout the immigration process and practical solutions that are tailored to their needs. Advising them on compliance with immigration regulations and facilitating the management of the corresponding entry permits and temporary, temporary or permanent residences.

Simon Solorzano – Client Intake Specialist

SIMON SOLORZANOSimon Solorzano is 21 years old and was born in Caracas, Venezuela. He graduated as a credit and collection clerk. He is very passionate about laws and international politics. His goal is to get a law degree. He is a very ambitious young man and has a strong desire to make sure our clients are well informed with everything related to their rights as an immigrant.

As he believes that no one should suffer because of their nationality. He follows up aggressively and learns more about the cases assigned to him daily by studying each one to assure the best outcome, because he truly believes that everyone has the right to a better quality of life.

Andreina Rojas – Client Advocate

ANDREINA ROJASBorn in Lara – Venezuela, she currently lives in Buenos Aires – Argentina.She graduated from Yacambú University where she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2017. She has experience in Clinical Psychology.

Andreina has the ability to actively listen, guiding our clients towards solving their problems and providing good support throughout the process. Andreina knows that migrating can be possible with the help of a professional.

Alfredo Guerrero – Legal Assistant

Alfredo Guerrero - Legal AssistantBorn in Portuguesa – Venezuela. In 2013 he travelled to Canada to learn english, he obtained a certification from The Canadian Learning Language College. In 2017 he graduated as Sound Engineer & Music producer from Audioplace Academy. He has been involved as music producer in several music projects.

He also has worked in the customer services area. He defines himself as an empathic person who looks for solving client’s problems, providing personalized assistance with a positive attitude. Honesty and responsibility are part of his work ethics.

Jhonmar Martínez – Marketing Design Specialist

Jhonmar Martínez He was born in Lara – Venezuela. He studies Public Accounting at Yacambu University.

He took courses in Marketing and graphic design and put them into practice at Radio 91.5 Fm in Yaracuy. He works in social media in an NGO in Peru in order to obtain contributions for low-income children.

He also works in customer service. He considers himself a responsible person with great ability to work under pressure, who meets the objectives set.

Eydymar Alvarado – Client Relations

Eydymar AlvaradoShe was born in Caracas, Venezuela, currently living in Buenos Aires Argentina. She studied business administration and accounting. Nowadays She is studying Consortium administration.

In her experience the best way to help others is by connecting with them. Connection is what makes us humans and gives us the ability to empathize with the other one and is what allows us to give the best of ourselves when it´s needed.

She believes that each person needs to have the opportunity to demonstrate what they are capable of. She is truly excited to be part of this change.

Reimar Martinez – New Client Advocate

Reimar Martinez - New Client AdvocateBorn in Lara – Venezuela. She graduated from the Universidad Experimental Nacional Polytechnical Antonio José de Sucre (UNEXPO) in Mechanical Engineering in 2020.

She has taken courses in quality processes and management indicators which generated a passion for good work applying continuous improvement strategy to maintain good communication between Firm – Clients.

Reimar, performs the work of customer service generating confidence to be served in the best way, establishing the best alternatives to start in their process in a fast and truthful way.

Magali Odiz – New Client Advocate

Magali Odiz - New Client AdvocateShe was born in Buenos Aires – Argentina, she is studying a degree in Business Administration at the University of Buenos Aires.

She is empathetic, understands and puts herself in the place of those who want a solution, accompanying them in the process with warmth and responsibility. She knows how to listen and understand how mobilizing it is to initiate change.

Committed to ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to be included in the country and society of their choice. Maintaining a professional, optimistic and resolute perspective.

Laura Rivas – Paralegal

Laura Rivas - ParalegalLaura Rivas was born and raised in Santiago, Dominican Republic. In 2019, she graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Pontificia Universidad Catolica Madre y Maestra obtaining her law degree.

Laura has worked as paralegal and junior associate in two of the most important law firms in her hometown, these experiences have allowed her to develop skills such as problem solving, effective communication, leadership, teamwork, and conflict management.

Commitment and dedication are values that describe Laura’s personality.

Laura will always put all her effort and dedication to use her knowledge in helping people to have security and quality of life.

Akilves Martínez – Marketing Director

Akilves Martínez - Marketing DirectorBorn in Yaracuy – Venezuela. Social Communicator graduated from Universidad de Los Andes specialized in Marketing.

He has worked in different radio and television media in Venezuela.

He is founder of the marketing and advertising agency Idea Commercial C.A., heading different projects such as commercial guides and audiovisual products.

During his professional career he has advised in the area of Marketing to companies and RRSS accounts in countries such as Costa Rica, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela.

A creativity enthusiast who focuses on turning ideas into impactful projects.

Silvia Bracamonte – Legal Assistant

Silvia Bracamonte - Magdalena CuprysBorn in Lima-Peru. Since she was a little girl, Silvia has loved expressing her ideas and communicating with people.

She studied Systems Engineering at UPC and completed the Advanced Level of English Program at ICPNA. Silvia is an art lover; she developed as a dancer and actress for many years.

Silvia is a strong believer in communication as a way to solve society issues.

She is currently studying Therapeutic Counseling to help others heal and grow.

During her free time, she likes traveling and learning about other cultures. She is a kind woman that is always willing to help others in their pursuit of happiness by using her skills to obtain the best possible result while making customers feel comfortable and secure.

Clara Linares – Legal Assistant

Clara Linares - Legal AssistantBorn in Maracaibo-Zulia, where she dedicated herself to learning English, studying for 9 years at “Centro Electrónico de Idiomas” (Electronic Language Center). She has been living in Buenos Aires – Argentina since 2019, where she has gained experience in different work areas such as gastronomy. In our firm, Clara has specialized in the area of form-filling and supporting our clients in the translation of their personal documents. She is characterized for being patient and empathetic, a perfect combination for the correct treatment to give our clients.

Corina Tita – Marketing assistant

Corina Tita - Marketing assistantBorn and raised in Romania, she attended Bioterra University in Bucharest, where she majored in Consumer Protection. Like others in her country, she went abroad in search of better opportunities, residing in Spain and then in Germany for more than 15 years. Connecting with people from different cultures is not just a job, it is a personal achievement and she loves doing it in Romanian, Spanish, German or English. Corina believes that given the opportunity, anything is possible and with hard work and determination, everyone can achieve their goals in any country or environment.

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