Income Requirements For SponsorsFamily-based immigration requires that immigrants have enough support from family to minimize the need for governmental support. As a result, the government imposes strict income requirements on those sponsoring a family member during the immigration process. When you work with us, we will verify that you meet all sponsorship requirements and are fully prepared for the responsibility involved.

What It Takes to Be An Immigration Sponsor

Sponsoring an individual or family for a family-based green card is a substantial responsibility. If you are sponsoring someone or you need the support of a sponsor, knowing exactly what that entails can make the process easier.

Who Can Be A Sponsor?

To take on the responsibilities of a sponsor, an individual must be at least 18 years old; live in the United States (or one of its territories); and be a permanent resident, national, or citizen of the United States. Due to the financial obligations that come with sponsoring an immigrant, a sponsor is usually a family member, fiancé/fiancée, or spouse.

Income Requirements

In addition to meeting the requirements listed above, an individual must meet certain income requirements to sponsor an immigrant. They must show that their income level is 125% of the U.S. poverty level for their household size. In 2019 and in the contiguous 48 states, this amounts to $21,137 for a family of two, $26,662 for a family of three, and $32,187 for a family of four. Requirements are higher in Alaska and Hawaii. To check for recent updates on the U.S. poverty level click here.

What About Public Benefits?

After a sponsor files Form I-864 (the Affidavit of Support), they are obligated to financially support the immigrant for at least ten (10) years. If an immigrant sponsored by an individual receives means-tested public benefits, the sponsor must repay the agency that provided those services. If the sponsor does not repay the debt, the immigrant or agency may sue the sponsor to recover the money owed. The Affidavit of Support is also more and more frequently used in divorce proceedings by divorcing spouses; therefore, if someone has asked you to be a sponsor for them call us so that we can assist you in making the decision whether doing so is the right move for you.

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